Advanced Excel VBA Tech Taster

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1 week | 1.5 hours per day

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Next Program: Dec 6, 2023 - Dec 6, 2023

This Advanced Excel VBA Tech Taster is designed to introduce experienced excel users to VBA. Participants will learn what VBA is and how it can be used to enhance excel. The talk will explore examples, demonstrate a POS system and help participants to decide whether our upcoming VBA Advanced Excel course is right for them.

Prerequisite Knowledge

This talk is designed for experienced Excel users.

Program Overview

Day 1
Learn what VBA coding is. Discover ways that VBA coding can enhance your excel. See a powerful point of sale (POS) system demonstrated. Find out if our upcoming VBA coding course is right for you.
Program Details
Status: Register
Begin: Dec 6, 2023
Finish: Dec 6, 2023
Day of Week: Wednesday
Session Time: 6:00-7:30PM
Capacity: 22 participants
Location: Code(Cayman).TechLab

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