B1 Youth Coding & Entrepreneurship Camp

Estimated Time

2 weeks | 25 hours per week

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**This programme is full** Code(Cayman) is a learning and support network that is dedicated to supporting the next generation of tech professional and enthusiasts. The goal of this program is to provide an introduction to coding and entrepreneurship in a friendly, and non-intimidating setting. Throughout the program we will explore possible programming paths and participants will learn to code in html, CSS and JavaScript languages. Participants will meet local and international tech industry experts each day and have opportunities to explore tech career paths. In the second week, participants will be challenged to write and market their own programmes in start-up groups and then make a pitch to VCs on the final Friday. This program has been designed for youths between the ages of 14-17. All participants will receive a Raspberry Pi 400 computer to keep after the camp. The camp is free of charge.

Prerequisite Knowledge

In order to succeed in this program, we recommend having previous experience using a web browser, being able to perform a Google search, basic understanding of how to create, edit and save files, familiarity installing basic software (such as Microsoft Office), and most importantly the determination to learn a new skill.

Program Overview

Week 1
Participants learn html, CSS and JavaScript and use it to develop a game. Tech industry experts visit the lab to discuss entrepreneurship and tech career paths.
Week 2
Participants work in start-up groups to develop their own programmes and prepare a product pitch for VCs on the final Friday.
Program Details
Status: To Be Announced
Begin: Jul 4, 2023
Finish: Jul 14, 2023
Day of Week: M,T,W,T,F
Session Time: 8:30-13:30
Capacity: 15 participants
Location: Code(Cayman).TechLab

Program Mentors
Jason Nehra
Matthew Godfrey

Program Sponsor