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6 weeks | 1.5 hours per week

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Code(Cayman).Startup is a free learning opportunity for anyone interested in the future of business and technology. The goal of this program is to demonstrate to participants how to take an idea and turn it into a business. Throughout the program we will explore many aspects of building a business, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Prerequisite Knowledge

There is no prerequisite knowledge for this program, just the willingness to learn. As a pledge of commitment to the program, we as for a US$200 refundable deposit that will be returned if 80% of the classes are attended. ** There will be no class on April 5th.

Program Overview

Week 1
Week 1: Introduction to entrepreneurship- innovation techniques and the phases of a startup.
Week 2
Week 2: Ideation – Learn how to identify opportunities, analyze customers and refine ideas.
Week 3
Week 3: Business Model – Discover how to create a business model and compelling value proposition.
Week 4
Week 4: MVP – Learn how to develop minimum viable products.
Week 5
Week 5: Testing – Test and validate your MVP and business model.
Week 6
Week 6: Launch – You’ve refined your idea, developed and tested your business model and now you are ready to launch! Learn how to pitch your startup.
Program Details
Status: To Be Announced
Begin: Mar 29, 2021
Finish: May 10, 2021
Day of Week: Mondays
Session Time: 7:00-8:30PM
Capacity: 15 participants
Location: Code(Cayman).TechLab

Program Mentor
Paul Henry