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8 weeks | 1.5 hours per week

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Mandarin.Code(Cayman) is a free learning and support network dedicated to empowering residents of the Cayman Islands interested in learning a new language. The goal of this program is to provide an introduction to the Mandarin language and culture in a friendly and non-intimidating setting. Throughout the program, we will learn the basics of speaking, listening, reading and writing and explore different topics including, but not limited to: names, greetings, countries, dates, directions, festival, history and geography.

Prerequisite Knowledge

In order to succeed in this program, participants will need access to a smartphone. There is no cost but we ask for a US$200 refundable deposit as a pledge for your commitment to the program. This deposit will be returned if 80% of the classes are attended.

Program Overview

Week 1
Introduction to Mandarin alphabetics and tones
Week 2
Basic greetings and self introduction: name, nationality, language
Week 3
My favorites: family, food, preferences
Week 4
Chinese New Year celebration: introduction to custom, legends, calligraphy
Week 5
You know we love math: numbers, dates, birthdays
Week 6
A virtual trip to China: places, directions, transportation, geography
Week 7
Ancient China: history and education
Week 8
Tech is everywhere: apps in daily life
Program Details
Status: To Be Announced
Begin: Jan 11, 2022
Finish: Mar 1, 2022
Day of Week: Tuesdays
Session Time: 7:00PM-8:30PM
Capacity: 15 participants
Location: Code(Cayman).TechLab

Program Mentor
Chloe Zhang