Youth.Code(Cayman) After School

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8 weeks | 1 hours per week

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Next Program: Oct 4, 2023 - Nov 29, 2023

The Youth.Code(Cayman) After-School programme is dedicated to supporting the next generation of tech enthusiasts. The goal of this programme is to provide an introduction to computer programming in a fun and supportive environment. During the programme, participants will learn to code using html, CSS and JavaScript and will find that developing software is only an idea away. This is an 8 week programme and is designed for youths between the ages of 11-14.

Prerequisite Knowledge

This programme is an introduction to coding, so no previous coding experience is necessary. Participants should have a basic understanding of how to create, edit and save files, and (most importantly) the determination to learn a new skill.

Program Overview

Week 1
1 – Intro to Raspberry Pi
Week 2
2 – Learning to code html
Week 3
3 – Using CSS for style
Week 4
4 – Intro to JavaScript
Week 5
5 – Coding JavaScript Functions
Week 6
6 – Animations
Week 7
7 – Designing Simple Games
Week 8
8 - Designing Simple Games
Program Details
Status: Register
Begin: Oct 4, 2023
Finish: Nov 29, 2023
Day of Week: Wednesday
Session Time: 4:00-5:00PM
Capacity: 10 participants
Location: Code(Cayman).TechLab

Program Mentor
Jason Nehra